Windrower (Full Evolution)

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The ScanStone Windrower (Full Evolution) comes complete with an onboard hydraulics system to power the cleaning unit. This gives full control of the cleaning table from the control box inside the tractor cab:

  • Variable speed & direction of "clod" rollers
  • Height & pitch adjustment of "clod" rollers
  • 0-7 degrees of angle on the whole cleaning table
  • 1,2 or 4 rows of cleaning
  • Variable speed of spiral rollers

Shown in the video below is footage from 2014 of the 2 roller machine and the full evolution

A ScanStone Windrower (Full Evolution) about to start work for the 2014 lifting season

1 or 2 rails of plastic fingers are available to help guide haulm through the cleaning table, windrowing for an 8 row lift

Diablo rollers or depth wheels are both available to assist with depth sensing

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