Single Bed Tiller (1.8m)

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The ScanStone single bed tiller comes with quick change blades as standard. The machine can also come with bed makers attached on the back. The bed makers can be auto reset or shear bolt.

The rear ploughs are fully adjustable to allow a well cleaned out trench and to stop the ploughs digging in unnecessarily.



540 or 1000 RPM Gearbox
2 Speed Gearbox
Friction Slip Cluch Protection
Side Transmission With Gears
Spring Loaded Adjustable Tailgate
Rotor With wlded Double Flanges
"C" Shaped 10mm Tick Blades
Rear Linkage With Depth and Pitch Adjustment
Suitable For Bed Widths up to 180cm

Quick Release Blade System

Single bed tiller complete with shear bolt bed maker

Quick release blades

See it Working...

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