2017 spring season


The new 4 Webber destoner comes with improved depth sensing, improved power scrubber web and an improved axle for easy adjustment and improved durability on the roads.

ScanStone have adapted to ever increasing tractor road speeds and have completely upgraded the machine axle.

The market leading ScanStone 5.4m bed tiller at work, with quick change II blades as standard.

The quick change II system has moved another step infront of the competition, leading the way in the field.

Shown in the pictures above there is an array of ScanStone equipment working, from a destoner in the North Coast of Scotland to bed makers and bed tillers working in areas of East & West England.

The all new ScanStone 4 body bed maker comes with large tail fins to help maintain the side of the bed in heavier conditions where clod rolling back into the trench can be a problem. Furthermore on the new ScanStone bed maker is the double action Auto Reset ram, which eliminates the need for shear bolts.

The other options for this machine include parallel linkages, markers, depth wheels, stabilizer fins, cultivator tines and a drivers toolbox mounted onto the machine.