5.4m Bed Tiller & Mini Ploughs

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The Bed Tiller & Mini Ploughs are designed for times when stone separation is not necessary, the beds are tiller (with up to 15 inches of depth) and then the mini ploughs form 3 x 1.8m beds for planting potatoes or other vegetables into.

The Mini Plough offers 12" of depth behind the bed tiller, leaving enough soil to plant vegetables in. Each plough has a shear bolt mechanism to protect it from bending or breaking.

The levelling bar across the top of the ploughs gives a tidy finish to the bed and an even fill of soil.

Each Mini Plough has an individual shear bolt protection mechanism incase of any stones and there are 2 separate levelling bars on the rear to finish the bed

The bed tiller is controlled by 2 depth wheels on each side. There is also intake discs on the machine to allow it to work straight on the surface.

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