3.6m Bed tiller (with hoods)

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The ScanStone 3.6m bed tiller with bed forming hoods is suitable for tilling the ground and making beds to plant potatoes or vegetables into. The quick hitch system allows the hoods to be detached easily and then other attachements fitted such as ploughs or packer rollers. The hoods are available for the triple bed tiller and the 3.6metre. Shown below is the quick hitch system working on the 5.4m (triple) bed tiller. The same principle applies to the 3.6 metre.

The hood attachment on the back of the bed tiller can have various depths of wheeling, depending on the job needing done. The depths range from 4 inches to 14 inches.

All ScanStone bed tillers can be fitted with the unique quick change blade system, spike rotor or conventional nut and bolt rotors. Below is the award winning quick change blade system.