3.6m Bed tiller (4 ploughs)

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The ScanStone 3.6m bed tiller with 4 ploughs attached at the rear allows a 200 HP tractor to comfortably bed till across a 3.6m width and also create 3 beds exactly the same for the de-stoners. This plough configuration also allows the operator to bed till twice if this is necessary.

Independantly folding units allow the ploughs to be folded up for parts of the field which require this. Furthermore, the bed maker can be easily detached from the bed tiller and used as a conventional light duty bed maker, where bed tilling is not required. The quick hitch system is shown below.

The bed tiller and bed maker fold neatly behind the tractor for road transport.

All ScanStone bed tillers can be fitted with the unique quick change blade system, spike rotor or conventional nut and bolt rotors. Below is the award winning quick change blade system.

Soil Intake discs on the bed tiller allow the operator to use the machine directly on the surface of the ploughing without having to pre-ridge.