Bed Tillers

Spike rotor option:

For conditons that require it, we can offer a spike rotor to fit all our bed tillers.

On our folding units, the operator simply folds the tiller to 45 degrees allowing access to the blades and then changes however many is necessary at a time. Then with the easy use of a blade changing tool (provided) simply change the blades you want, no spanners required and no need to return to the workshop for air guns etc (shown below)



To the left is the blade changing tool, the clip and pin and a picture of the "L" blade, one of 2 which can be fitted to the ScanStone Bed Tiller




The Scanstone bed tiller range represents the very best in agricultural engineering products. With a wide range of specifications for various needs;


Below is shown the Quick Change Blade System, available on all ScanStone Bed Tillers. This System won the Technical Innovation award at the 2012 Royal Highland Show

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