Hydraulically Extendable Markers

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The markers are suitable for marking out as far as 24 feet from the centre of the tractor. This allows 4 ploughs down on 72 inch beds. The markers can also come in to 18 feet from the centre of the tractor for bed making using half depth.

Both the left side and the right side markers can be operated without leaving the tractor seat.

The machine folds within the width of the tractor (less than 3 metres). This includes the folding of the outer marker discs, which come within the width as well, causing no obstruction or danger when travelling on the road.

Reliable hydraulic rams are used throughout this machine for marker folding, extension markers & folding the machine for transport.

The hydraulic extension marker kit which is available on the ScanStone 4 Body Bed Maker (HD) allows the machine to have 4 ploughs in at full depth and still mark out for the return pass. This is mainly for a GPS fail-safe system and marking out headlands (end rigs).

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