6 Star Separator

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The ScanStone 6 Star configuration is unique because unlike other star de-stoners, the ScanStone 6 Star uses a main front intake web to take the bulk of the soil into the machine. This vastly reduces maintenance costs because a web is far easier and cheaper to change than even a single row of stars.

The centre module of the machine comprises of a 6 Star unit which breaks down the clods and tough soil.

Lastly, the long rear web, combined with the hydraulically driven power scrubber web finishes the separating job leaving the required grade of soil behind the machine ready for planting.

The 6 Star machine working in the UK.

All our normal options are available for this machine, including:

  • Open front system
  • Depth sensing
  • Power scrubber web
  • Heavy duty axle
  • Star / Rake stone box
  • Choice of front & rear webs
  • Choice of Wheel Size
  • Easy grease system
  • Auto Levelling

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